Get out of the classroom and get outside…

An unforgettable experience for students and educators alike is at Forest Glen.

Our goal is to come alongside schools to help provide an environment where students can explore and learn in an outdoor setting                             .



Nestled deep in the Sam Houston National Forest, Forest Glen Huntsville allows students and educators to experience the flora and fauna of the Piney Woods. Whether it is seeing the mother deer and her two fawns who reside by our entrance, watching the eagles that nest by our lake every winter, or hearing the toads sing as they are roasting marshmallows over a campfire, students will be amazed by sights that are hard to see within major city limits. The majestic pines, starry nights, and springtime bluebonnets provide inspiring locations that can easily be turned into classrooms. Choose from either the cabins of North Shore to the lodges of Lakeside for a truly unique experience that your students will not forget and that will impact them for the rest of the school year.


34 Forest Glen Road, Huntsville, Texas 77340