Health and Safety at Forest Glen Camps & Retreats

While this new season has brought many unexpected changes, we are thankful that we serve a good God and for the chance to continue to serve campers. We are also thankful for the guidance provided by our national and state governments and we have taken new measures in order to implement those guidelines. It is with grateful hearts that we take these actions in order to continue to serve our groups.

Below are a summary of the actions Forest Glen is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases at our facilities. Along with our own preventative measures, we are asking our visiting groups to assist us in protecting our campers, volunteers, and staff. Below we outline the ways our visiting groups can assist us. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in this area.

Click here for a full breakdown of our response to Texas’ Minimum Standard Health Protocols.

forest glen’s response




  • All Forest Glen staff have been trained in appropriate disinfection measures, personal hygiene, and respiratory etiquette on top of the normal sanitation measures.




  • All Forest Glen staff monitored daily for fevers and any new or worsening symptoms. A temperature and symptom log is kept and monitored by our leadership.

  • Forest Glen staff members will wear masks and/or face coverings when inside and/or in close proximity to group members

  • Forest Glen staff are practicing social distancing and appropriate hygiene when outside of camp property as well.




Forest Glen’s Preventative Measures


  • A sanitation plan has been created and implemented to include daily increased cleaning of common areas, restrooms, cabins, dining halls, recreational facilities, and camp facilities by Forest Glen staff. Camp will also be deep cleaned and sanitized between each group.

  • All activity equipment will be cleaned before and after schedule use and between each camper. Please schedule additional time for activities to allow for this.

  • Dining Hall Plan:

    • No buffet/self-serve meals or stations

    • Disposable utensils, napkins, cups, and plates will be used.

    • The dining hall will be cleaned and disinfected between each use. Please allow for additional time to allow for this.

  • Forest Glen will adhere with all US State Department travel restrictions for international travel and from any identified “hot spots.”


Forest Glen’s Plan for Positive Case


  • Forest Glen has developed a plan for a possible infectious disease outbreak

  • Forest Glen will isolate any staff members with new or worsening symptoms of possible COVID-19 or other possible communicable diseases. Any staff member with new or worsening symptoms or have been in recent contact with a known case will be asked to stay home.


We ask that our visiting groups assist us in protecting our campers, volunteers, and staff by abiding by state guidelines. If any clarification is needed, please contact us.


  • All staff and volunteers should be trained on appropriate disinfecting measures, personal hygiene, and respiratory etiquette on top of the normal hygiene practices.


  • Please bring your own disinfectant wipes and thermometers.
  • Before attending, upon arrival, and at least daily while at camp, groups must screen all staff, volunteers, and campers. This includes taking temperatures and screening for new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases daily.

  • Implement handwashing and additional sanitation of cabin areas.

  • Provide notice to the parents/guardians of the enhanced risks of campers being in direct contact with anyone 65+ for 14 days after the end of the camp session.

Cohorts and Social Distancing

  • Cohorts

    • We are highly recommending that visiting groups split their groups into “cohorts/family units” which are smaller groups that are housing together. These groups would be ideally 8-10 people and would stay together throughout their stay at camp. If campers are with only people in their cohort, social distancing and mask wearing is not necessary. When different cohorts are interacting with each other (dining hall, meeting rooms, etc.), Forest Glen recommends keeping at least 6’ distance between each group and masks if that is not possible.

  • Consider schedules that operate around keeping cohorts apart from each other.

  • No parents, guardians, or visitors may visit during camp sessions except to drop-off or pick-up. Please modify camper drop-off and pick-up procedures to keep parents and guardians from coming within 6’ of individuals not within the same household. If possible, parents and guardians should remain in their vehicles.

  • If individual transportation is not an option, groups should take conscience efforts to maintain social distancing on buses or group transportation if campers are not seated by cohorts.

  • Once staff and volunteers arrive at camp, there should be no off campus travel until the end of camp.


  • We ask that campers are not allowed to roam freely (i.e. during free time) and that group staff/volunteers stay with their groups.

  • During this season, we are finding that more structured schedules are more effective in combining these guidelines and allowing for campers to still have a good camp experience.

  • Please allow extra time in your schedules to accommodate increased cleaning and sanitation.

Plan for Positive Case

  • Develop a plan for an infectious outbreak (COVID-19 or otherwise). Ask Forest Glen for assistance with this if needed.

  • Provide notice to the parents/guardians that they may choose to either pick up their camper or to let the camper remain and trust the camp to take the appropriate safeguards when informed that an individual has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Isolate any staff, volunteers, or campers with new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 or other infectious illness.

  • If someone tests positive for COVID-19, notify all parents of the campers in the group or cohort.

  • Alert Forest Glen of any possible COVID-19 cases that occur within 2 weeks following camp.