After 12 years of student ministry and 21 years of camp ministry, Andy & Lisa Stem are retiring. Forest Glen Camps & Retreats is grateful for 15 of those years spent serving with us and helping create an environment where our guests can encounter God. While career ministry may have come to a close for Andy and Lisa, the next chapter comes with continued full-time ministry, being a part of molding the next generation of their families and grandchildren.

“For us, camp is about people and we have truly loved our time with everyone who has entered the front gates of Forest Glen. We have so many great memories of time spent working with staff and serving group leaders and campers that have attended a retreat or summer camp at Forest Glen Springs. We have faithfully experienced the motto of “Lives are changed at Camp,” says Andy.

Andy and Lisa served in various roles for 9 years at Forest Glen in Huntsville before moving to our Rosebud location to serve as Lead Director and Guest Services Director for an additional 6 years.

“Our blessings go with Andy and Lisa as they move into the next phase of their life together. Their faithfulness in ministry has left a signature on our hearts. I am confident they will continue in faithfulness to the Lord and be influencers in the lives of others. We have truly been blessed to have served with them,” says John Davidhizar, Executive Director of Forest Glen.