Forest Glen is a non-profit, independent camp & retreat center. Our Huntsville, TX location, just an hour north of Houston and 45 min away from The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia & Conroe areas. Since 1974, we’ve served thousands of kids/student ministries, churches, conferences, schools & groups of all sizes. Our camp is located in the scenic Sam Houston National Forest and is divided into 2 sides, Northshore & Lakeside. Each side of camp offers a unique camp experience and is staffed by our caring team.


Facility Usage

Forest Glen partners with churches and organizations to impact lives at camp. We serve organizations that align with our religious values and advance our purpose.

Below are guidelines for the usage of our facilities:

3.1 Permitted Uses.  Forest Glen’s facilities are not open to the general public.  In furtherance of its religious purposes and mission, Forest Glen makes its facilities available to churches and other religious organizations that are in agreement with Forest Glen’s Statement of Faith and utilize Forest Glen’s facilities to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition, non-religious, tax-exempt charitable, educational, and civic groups engaged in nonprofit activities that promote the flourishing and common good of society in a manner that is consistent with Biblical principles and with Forest Glen’s Statement of Faith may be eligible to use Forest Glen facilities where such use allows Forest Glen to demonstrate the Gospel and Biblical principles through its hospitality and service, subject to the other sections of this policy. 

3.2  Impermissible Uses.  Forest Glen’s facilities may not be used by groups holding or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with Forest Glen’s religious purposes and Statement of Faith, or the moral and ethical teachings of the Bible. Nor may its facilities be used to engage in or promote activities that are inconsistent with the moral and ethical teachings of the Bible.   Without limitation, the following beliefs, practices and activities are inconsistent with the religious purposes of Forest Glen, and thus groups that hold, advocate or engage in such beliefs or practices are ineligible to use Forest Glen facilities: 

  • Any religious or philosophical belief, teaching or practice, or promotion of a worldview, that is inconsistent with orthodox, Biblical Christianity.

  • Practice or advocacy of sexual conduct outside the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman.

  • Practice or advocacy of activities that violate treatment of all human life (born or unborn) as sacred, created in the image of God.

  • Advocacy of gambling, or the use of alcohol or controlled substances.

Determination of Eligibility. The Executive Director is responsible to determine whether a group is eligible to use Forest Glen facilities in accordance with this Policy, and shall confer with the Board Chair in instances where he deems further input is warranted.