What to Bring:

Campers don't need to bring much to Forest Glen Day Camps. We will provide your children with a great lunch and afternoon snack. It’s our recommendation that your camper brings the following items in a backpack or bag. Please keep this in mind: Your camper will need to be able to carry this backpack or bag from activity to activity without the continual assistance of a counselor!

  • A GREAT attitude!
  • Towel (Please do not send your best towels. They often get lost or extremely dirty!)
  • Sunscreen (We will have spray-on sunscreen, but you’re welcome to pack your own.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Swimsuit cover up (Your option. Some want it, some don’t.)
  • Lake shoes for the Lagoon swimming areas

Dress Code:

  • Tank Tops (At least 2 finger width across the shoulder)
  • Sandals must have a back strap across heel
  • Shorts need to be to fingertip length
  • Midriff’s should not show

Do NOT Bring:

  • Game devices
  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Money (except on last day for camp store)
  • Expensive watches or jewelry
  • Personal sports equipment
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Medication (all medication must be checked in with your counselor)