Thank you for your interest in making an impact at Forest Glen through volunteering!

Please carefully review & accurately fill out the information below. After we review your application, we'll contact you and let you know next steps.

Volunteer Background Check and Release Form

In connection with my volunteer status at Forest Glen, Inc., I authorize Forest Glen, Inc. or their agent to solicit background information relative to my criminal record history or motor vehicle reports. I understand that Forest Glen, Inc. may conduct inquiries into my background that may include criminal records, personal references, motor vehicle and other public record reports pertaining to me.

I authorize without any reservation, any person, agent, or other entity contacted by Forest Glen, Inc. or their agent(s) for the purpose of obtaining background report information, to furnish the above-mentioned information.
I release Forest Glen, Inc. , their respective employees, their agent and employees and all persons, agencies and entities providing information or reports about me from any and all liability arising out of furnishing any such information or reports. I also release Forest Glen, Inc. from any liability arising from my volunteering at camp.

I understand that I will receive no compensation for my volunteering hours at Forest Glen, Inc.

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Have you ever been convicted of ANY misdemeanor or felony crimes? *
Have you ever been charged with a crime for which there has not yet been an acquittal or dismissal? *
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