Overnight camps

At Forest Glen Springs, in Rosebud, Texas, we are now offering overnight camps. We believe that every child should get the chance to experience camp. There is something about leaping out of your comfort zone, facing fears, and making lifelong friends and memories that all culminate into the best week of summer. We also know that this environment, away from the distractions of the world, is where God really moves. We are thrilled to announce a brand-new overnight summer camp program for boys and girls that have completed 2nd through 11th grade!


Camp Information

What time is drop-off and pick-up?

You can drop-off your camper on Sunday between 3:30PM-4:30PM. We celebrate the end of camp with a closing ceremony for family to attend at 10:00AM on Saturday. Your camper will be ready to leave with you as soon as the closing ceremony is over, no later than 11:00AM.

Can someone other than the parent or guardian drop-off or pick-up a camper?

Yes!  Make sure you designate the person picking-up or dropping-off your camper during our secure online registration process.  Need to add/remove someone?  Log-in to your account.

Do you offer financial assistance?
Can campers bring snacks?

We provide delicious, filling meals and snacks each day (SERIOUSLY!). DO NOT SEND ADDITIONAL SNACKS WITH YOUR CAMPER.

Can campers bring electronic devices?

Electronic devices are not allowed. Kids will be have a blast at camp, and one of the best things about camp is being UNPLUGGED.

Mail and Directions

How do I get to camp?

Our camp is located 45 minutes southeast of Waco, TX: 557 County Road 331, Rosebud, TX 76570.

Can campers receive mail?

ABSOLUTELY! Receiving letters or packages from home can be a great way to encourage your camper to have a great time and engage in incredible activities, making friends, and diving into the Word of God.  NOTE: DO NOT SEND FOOD OR DRINK ITEMS TO YOUR CAMPER.  IF ANY OF THESE ITEMS ARE DELIVERED, THEY WILL BE HELD UNTIL PICK-UP ON THE LAST DAY OF CAMP.

Camp Mailing Address

Forest Glen Springs


 557 County Road 331

Rosebud, TX 76570

Camp Email Address

Health and Safety

What happens in case of inclement weather?

The majority of a camper’s day is spent outside, which means that we are always watching the weather forecast. Our incredible counselors have “rainy day” plans already prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. If there are dangerous weather conditions like thunderstorms or tornado watches, we take campers indoors until it is clear to go back outside.

To see what the weather is like at camp, search using our zip code for the most accurate results: 76570.

What do you do for campers with special eating considerations?

We honor and provide for almost every dietary restriction. Special diet requests/notes are a part of our secure online registration process. If you need to let us know about any special diets or notes for your campers, just give us a call at 936-295-7641 or email us at thuckaby@forestglen.org

How will my camper receive medication?

ALL medications need to be checked-in with the Camp Nurse at registration on opening day. Be sure to have instructions ready including dosage and times to be given. All medications must be in original packaging.

Need to Know’s


Camper check-in is Sunday from 3:30pm to 4:30 pm. 

There is a 1-hour check-in window at camp. At 5:15PM, campers head to dinner and our schedule for the week kicks off. DO NOT BE LATE! Please have your Driver’s License ready to check your camper in.

Camper Check-Out

Camper check-out is Saturday at 10:00 am. 

Please have your Driver’s License ready to securely check-out your camper. NOTE: OUR CLOSING CEREMONY BEGINS AT 10:00AM. Please be on time so that you do not miss out on hearing what your camper has done all week. It is a very special time for campers to have their family’s support.


Campers will have private space to change into swimsuits prior to water activities.


We provide an afternoon & evening snack in addition to three delicious meals daily. DO NOT SEND ANY SNACKS WITH YOUR CAMPERS!


Families will need to have their campers packed and ready to leave no later than Saturday at 10:00AM.


Bring cash for your camper to shop for souvenirs at our camp store!

ready for Overnight Camp?

You’ve made the right choice. Next step… Register your camper on our secure online system and get ready for the best week of summer at Forest Glen Springs Overnight Camp.