Ignite your elementary student’s curiosity while developing their understanding and respect for nature through our Outdoor Learning Center. Or, utilize experiential education to create personal, team building and leadership development opportunities through our Ropes/Challenge Course, recommended for 4th through 12th grades. Each course emphasizes an awareness, appreciation and understanding of wildlife and natural resources. Our knowledgeable instructors are happy to lead your course from a Christian faith perspective.


  • 1 Night / 2 Days - $85 per student

  • 2 Nights / 3 Days - $140 per student

  • 3 Nights / 4 Days - $170 per student


This class gives students the opportunity to learn the characteristics of insects, spiders, millipedes and centipedes by studying our hands-on specimens. Students will also participate in a bug hunt followed by identifying their specimens.

Reptiles and Amphibians

This class allows students to meet some of our local toads, frogs and box turtles. Students will learn defining traits of reptiles and amphibians and various species’ adaptations.

Plant Search

This class emphasizes the identification as well as the historical and modern uses of the many plants we have access to here at Forest Glen. Genus specific characteristics as well as a dichotomous key are used to help students identify plants.

Pioneering Days

This class emphasizes the responsibilities and leisure time of early Texas settlers. Students will learn about the various challenges these settlers faced while establishing their home. Features include time period games, cooking, log cutting, and more.

Water Study

This class demonstrates the importance of Earth’s most vital resource with an emphasis on water quality.  Students will gain an understanding of how pH, temperature, and turbidity are linked for water’s many uses.


This class teaches about the four resources of nature that humans and animals need to survive. Gives the students an opportunity to search for the different habitats and resources that the animals need for survival.

Included Recreation

Volleyball, Basketball, Fishing, Canoeing, Baseball, Kickball, Archery, BB Gun Range, Hiking, Tether Ball, GaGa (Like dodge ball), Large game fields


Jr. Olympic Size Pool, Blobbing

High and Low Ropes Course

With overnight retreat: $15/person for Low Ropes OR High Ropes $25/person for BOTH

One day event: $35/person (includes Lows, Highs and lunch)

Half day event: $25/person (includes Lows OR Highs and lunch)

Double Zipline: $100/hour for group

Horse Ride Providers

Horse rides are scheduled through 2E Horse outfitters. Their stables are located at Huntsville State Park, about ½ an hour from Forest Glen. If your group has 30 or more riders, they will come out to Forest Glen to lead your group on a ride. Remember that YOU need to set an appointment with the 2E Horses ahead of time to make sure that there is availability for your group.

To check availability Call 2E Horses @ 210-861-0105

Camp Fires

Campfires are available to every group. Each group has at least 1 hour at the campfire depending on the availability. To schedule a campfire you must set a time with the retreat staff to make sure of available times. The campfires are at no extra cost.