Students learn the characteristics of insects, spiders, millipedes and centipedes by studying our hands on specimens. Commonly found insects to the Sam Houston National Forest are also studied.

Micro-Life Study

Students discover the tiny world around them using our “in-the-field” microscopes. Collecting specimens to look at, including life in a pine cone, they’ll come away amazed at all the “mini” critters around them.Predator-Prey Relationships-Classes get their hands dirty digging through owl pellets looking for bones to creatures that have been digested which is incorporated into discussions about food chains with an emphasis being placed on those natural to the Sam Houston National Forest.


Another great hands on class where kids meet “Tex” the ball python, toads, frogs and box turtles. They learn animal adaptation that is necessary for survival.


We have plenty of those to study. Pine, sweetgum, oak, maple, cedar and on and on. This class emphasizes identification, historical and modern uses, and our dependence on them.


This class teaches the anatomy, survival traits, and local species. Then they will bait a hook with a worm from our worm farm and see if they can catch one!


Learning how to use a compass and then putting it to practice on 1 of our 4 courses.

Pioneering Days

Take a step back to pre-civil war era when Governor Sam Houston lived not more than 10 minutes from camp. This class features time period games, cooking, log cutting, and goats!

Nature Journaling

Creative writing using the very nature that is around and create stories personifying crazy things such as pine cones, beetles, or even snakes!

Water Study

All the water around Forest Glen will be open to testing so an understanding of how pH, hardness and alkalinity are linked to all the different species using it.


Learning about the three elements of nature that humans and animals need to survive. Gives the students an opportunity to search for the different habitats and resources that the animals need for survival.

Hot Air Balloons

Teambuilding activity exploring thermodynamic properties by building a model hot air balloon from scratch and then flying it in our very own Hot Air Balloon Festival.