Summer Staff

Greatest Summer Ever.

Looking for a job? Looking to make an impact?

You've found much more. If you want to have your greatest summer ever serving with great people and serving an even greater God, join us at Forest Glen. We exist to provide an environment where people can encounter Him. Join our team and see how God will use YOU to change lives.

What is Senior Staff?

an opportunity to change lives at camp for students who have completed 12th grade-college by summer.

Our Senior Staff help set the tone for all that we do at camp. Graduated high school seniors and current college students from all over the state make up the majority of our summer staff team. From helping lead and facilitate our super-fun camp activities to being a good role model for our campers, Senior Staff are involved in every aspect of what makes camp… CAMP! 

If you want to grow in your walk with Christ this summer, make lasting friendships and lifelong memories, Senior Staff is where it’s at!

Why work at camp?

Camp is where memories are made. Every summer, high school graduates and college students from all of the state find themselves having the time of their lives at camp. A job at camp gives students a fund place to work, but more importantly, gives the opportunity to make an impact. You’ll have unforgettable experiences and make lifelong friendships at camp.








What will I do at camp?

Be a Mentor

Our Senior Staff  set a Godly example for our team and show our campers how to grow in their walk with Christ as well as learn the ropes (literally!) of all our fun camp activities.

Super-fun Camp Activities

Senior Staff lead and facilitate tons of super-fun activities such as:

  • Canoes / Paddleboards
  • Archery / BB Guns / Tomahawks
  • Gaga Ball / 9-Square In The Air
  • Archery Tag / Nerf War
  • + Much more!

Camp Counselor

Day Camp in Huntsville is for kids from the greater Houston area. They get picked up on our buses and spend the day at camp!

Wilderness Ridge in Waco is for boys who come from all over Texas.  Their parents drop them off to spend the week at camp!

As counselors, Senior Staff get to have a blast by leading songs and skits, playing group games and camp activities, and pouring into kids lives by being great role models!

Lifeguarding & Ropes Courses

Qualified Senior Staff will be certified in CPR/First Aid, Lifeguarding and advanced Ropes Course skills. Once certified, you will manage and lead these areas for our campers. You can use these skills for future years at camp or wherever else you may work in the future!

Guest Services

Senior Staff also pitch in and help in Guest Services, where they help keep camp clean and campers happy! From housekeeping to kitchen cleaning to activity setup, Senior Staff serve our guests alongside the rest of our staff team in order to provide an amazing environment for our campers.

    And Much More!

    Camp locations & Dates


    • WEEK 1: May 31 – June 5

    • WEEK 2: June 7 – 12

    • WEEK 3: June 14 – 19

    • WEEK 4: June 21 – 26

    • WEEK 5: July 28 – July 3

    • WEEK 6: July 5 – 10

    • WEEK 7: July 12 – 17

    • WEEK 8: July 19 – 24

    • WEEK 9: July 26 – 31

    • WEEK 10: August 2 – 7


    • Week 1: June 6 – 20

    • Week 2: June 21 – 27

    • Week 3: June 28 – July 4

    • Week 4: July 5 – July 11

    ready to serve at camp?

    You’ve made the right choice.  Next step… apply!

    How much will I get paid?
    First-year Senior Staff will start at $275 per week.
    What do Summer Senior Staff do?
    Summer Staff will mainly run activities (ropes course, lifeguarding, facilitating archery/BB guns/canoes/paddle boards) and take care of our Day Camp kids in worship, Bible Study, playing games, and singing silly songs! They will also be asked to do a little bit of everything else – housekeeping, washing dishes, serving in the kitchen, picking up trash, and serving our guests in whatever area they may need.
    Can I use my cell phone?
    All electronic devices are not available to be used during working hours. You will have scheduled electronic time from 7 – 10:30pm.
    What if somebody needs to get a hold of me while I’m at camp?
    Staff will be instructed to give parents/guardians the office phone number. This number can be reached during working hours and the office will contact the appropriate staff person on camp.
    What is the dress code?
    Staff shirts will be provided by Forest Glen. You will be expected to purchase khaki shorts, appropriate footwear (Athletic sandals with back straps or tennis shoes), and a belt prior to staff training. Please use your best judgement during off-time, dressing in a manner that is not offensive or causing others to stumble.
    Where will I live?
    All summer counselors stay in our bunk-style Staff Lodge, in rooms of 4-6 girls or guys with a private bathroom. There is a common area with furniture, a full kitchen, and washers/dryers.
    What is the application process like?
    All potential Summer Staff will fill out an initial interest form and will be redirected to the in-depth Phase 2 of the application. References will be sent out, and once received, an interview will take place. Interviews are in-person, when possible, or via phone or FaceTime.

    Once a job is offered, applications will fill out further paperwork that includes a background check, employee verify, tax information, health history, and summer contract.

    Will I get time out?
    Yes! Staff each get 2 nights off per week (one night on-site and one night off-site) and a 24 hour period on the weekend that will fluctuate based on program/camp needs.
    Can people come visit me?
    Guests must be approved at the discretion of the staff’s direct supervisor.
    Is there a place to do laundry?
    Yes! There are washers/dryers in the common area of the Staff Lodge.
    Can I take online summer classes?
    Some staff have had success in taking summer classes online while they are at camp. We will do our best to accommodate some time for you to complete homework/assignments at night, however, it is your responsibility to take care of schoolwork during your time off.