Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in case of inclement weather? Does campers leave early, and how does the camp get in touch with us?

The majority of a camper’s day is spent outside, which means that the weather forecast is something we are always watching. We do have “rainy day” plans already prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. If there is dangerous weather warnings like tornado watches, we retreat to our large meeting room and wait until its clear. If transportation plans are altered in any way, we will send out an alert with both a texting and email service.

Do the buses have air conditioning?

The morning rides are great! Nice cool morning breezes rushing through the windows. The last activity of the day is always in our air conditioned meeting room where the campers cool down from their fun day. Then they get on the bus and immediately begin feeling the rush of a fresh pine breeze as they are moving down the road. (In short… no, the buses are not air-conditioned.)

What do you do for campers with special eating considerations?

We honor and provide for almost every diet restriction. Just let us know and we’ll have an alternative prepared. If it’s “Picky Eater Syndrome”, then we have peanut butter/jelly sandwiches available. If that still doesn’t work… call us and we can work something out!

Can campers bring a snack on the bus?

We provide a filling lunch and snacks each day. We would really prefer to not have any trash on the bus.

Can campers bring an iTouch or other digital device on the bus? 

Digital devices like iTouch, iPhone, Gameboy, etc. are not allowed. These are distractions that negatively effect the overall Day Camp experience.