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Spring Break Day Camp - Rosebud, TX

  • Forest Glen Springs 557 County Road 331 Rosebud, TX 76570 USA (map)

ON SALE - ONLY $150 for all week

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Price includes:

  • Full days of fun activities
  • Safe, trustworthy childcare
  • Lunch & afternoon snack each day
  • T-shirt at the end of the week


Only $50 deposit to register!

$100 balance may be payed first day of camp


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Since launching our first day camp in 1989, Forest Glen has provided one of the highest quality day camps to campers from Huntsville, TX & The Woodlands, TX.

Now, we're launching a Spring Break Day Camp program for the community around our Forest Glen Springs location, just east of Rosebud, TX. Elementary-school-age campers (6-12 years old) from Rosebud-Lott, Westphalia, & Marlin are invited to join in on the fun this Spring Break!


Why Day Camp?

All year long, kids look forward to SUMMER. It's a time for kids to relax, to enjoy long days of spending time with friends and family. But even a summer of no homework, no tests or no academic pressure can get boring. Imagine your kids hopping on a bus full of friends and enjoying a gorgeous trip through the Sam Houston National Forest. Imagine stepping off the bus and being met with high fives and big smiles from a group of energetic counselors. Imagine spending the whole day OUT OF THE HOUSE, canoeing across the lake, ziplining through the trees, learning about Jesus & exploring the woods. Imagine your kids coming home at the end of the day, excited (& exhausted), brimming with stories about the challenges they conquered and the memories that were made. Need we say more?



Spring Break Day Camps are taking place at the Springs location, just outside of Rosebud, TX above the Brazos River Valley. Elementary-school-age (6-12 year old) campers from Rosebud-Lott, Westphalia, Marlin, & the area are invited to join in on the fun this Spring Break!


Local area map:


What to Bring:

Campers don't need to bring much to Forest Glen Day Camps. We will provide your children with a great lunch and afternoon snack. It’s our recommendation that your camper brings the following items in a backpack or bag. Please keep this in mind: Your camper will need to be able to carry this backpack or bag from activity to activity without the continual assistance of a counselor!

  • A GREAT attitude!
  • Towel (Please do not send your best towels. They often get lost or extremely dirty!)
  • Sunscreen (We will have spray-on sunscreen, but you’re welcome to pack your own.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Swimsuit cover up (Your option. Some want it, some don’t.)
  • Lake shoes for the Lagoon swimming areas

Dress Code:

  • Tank Tops (At least 2 finger width across the shoulder)
  • Sandals must have a back strap across heel
  • Shorts need to be to fingertip length
  • Midriff’s should not show

Do NOT Bring:

  • Game devices
  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Money (except on last day for camp store)
  • Expensive watches or jewelry
  • Personal sports equipment
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Medication (all medication must be checked in with your counselor)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in case of inclement weather? Does campers leave early, and how does the camp get in touch with us?

The majority of a camper’s day is spent outside, which means that the weather forecast is something we are always watching. We do have “rainy day” plans already prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. We monitor the weather throughout the day, and take appropriate precautions for dangerous weather, taking shelter in safe indoor areas if needed. If departure times are altered in any way, we will send out an alert with both a texting and email service.

What do you do for campers with special eating considerations?

We honor and provide for almost every diet restriction. Just let us know and we’ll have an alternative prepared. If it’s “Picky Eater Syndrome”, then we have peanut butter/jelly sandwiches available. If that still doesn’t work… call us and we can work something out!

Can campers bring an iTouch or other digital device on the bus? 

Digital devices like iTouch, iPhone, video games, etc. are not allowed. These are distractions that negatively effect the overall Day Camp experience.