The best week EVER for kids
is at Forest Glen Day Camps.



Since launching our first day camp in 1989, Forest Glen has provided one of the highest quality day camps each summer to campers from Huntsville, TX & The Woodlands, TX. Kids entering Kindergarten-7th grade will hop on our buses each day & have a blast at camp with our incredible team of counselors. Don't miss out on the BEST week of summer for kids at Forest Glen Day Camps!

Why day camp?

All year long, kids look forward to SUMMER. It's a time for kids to relax, to enjoy long days of spending time with friends and family. But even a summer of no homework, no tests or no academic pressure can get boring. Imagine your kids hopping on a bus full of friends and enjoying a gorgeous trip through the Sam Houston National Forest. Imagine stepping off the bus and being met with high fives and big smiles from a group of energetic counselors. Imagine spending the whole day OUT OF THE HOUSE, canoeing across the lake, ziplining through the trees, learning about Jesus & exploring the woods. Imagine your kids coming home at the end of the day, excited (& exhausted), brimming with stories about the challenges they conquered and the memories that were made. Need we say more?

What to Bring:

Campers don't need to bring much to Forest Glen Day Camps. We will provide your children with a great lunch and afternoon snack. It’s our recommendation that your camper brings the following items in a backpack or bag. Please keep this in mind: Your camper will need to be able to carry this backpack or bag from activity to activity without the continual assistance of a counselor!

  • A GREAT attitude!
  • Towel (Please do not send your best towels. They often get lost or extremely dirty!)
  • Sunscreen (We will have spray-on sunscreen, but you’re welcome to pack your own.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Swimsuit cover up (Your option. Some want it, some don’t.)
  • Lake shoes for the Lagoon swimming areas

Dress Code:

  • Tank Tops (At least 2 finger width across the shoulder)
  • Sandals must have a back strap across heel
  • Shorts need to be to fingertip length
  • Midriff’s should not show

Do NOT Bring:

  • Game devices
  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Money (except on last day for camp store)
  • Expensive watches or jewelry
  • Personal sports equipment
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Medication (all medication must be checked in with your counselor)

Summer Day Camp - Huntsville, TX



For kids who have completed Kindergarten-6th Grade (2017-2018 School Year)



$250 per session

Thursday Late Night Option - $25 per camper

Campers are grouped together by grade level. You can request campers to be together, but their age must be within one year of each other. Sibling requests are discouraged when one child is more than a year older than the other.



Summer 2018

Session 1 - June 4-8 (The Woodlands + Huntsville)

Session 2 - June 11-15 (The Woodlands)

Session 3 - June 18-22 (The Woodlands)

Session 4 - June 25-29 (The Woodlands)

Session 5 - July 9-13 (The Woodlands + HUNTSVILLE)

Session 6 - July 16-20 (The Woodlands)

Session 7 - July 23-27 (The Woodlands)

Session 8 - July 30-August 3 (The Woodlands + Huntsville)

*Pickup Times based on location below



Forest Glen Day Camps are located on-site at our Huntsville, TX location. However, WE COME TO YOU! Each day, campers are picked up from locations in The Woodlands, TX & Huntsville, TX. Counselors sit throughout the bus to make sure the adventure to/from camp is a great experience for each camper! Every morning we provide a drop-off window that is convenient for working parents (the bus leaves at the end of the drop-off window). We will notify parents via email and our Facebook Page if there are significant delays.



PGA Tour superstore Parking Lot

Pickup at 7:30AM-7:45AM

Return 5:30PM-5:45PM



Target Parking Lot

Pickup at 7:30AM-7:45AM

Return at 5:30PM-5:45PM

Daily Schedule

Here is a sample of a typical day at camp. Each group will rotate through a pre-selected order of activities. Every camper will have an opportunity to ride horses, zip-line, canoe, swim, shoot a bb gun, make cool camp crafts, play on the water toys at the Lagoon and much more!


8:30AM - Arrive & Group Games
8:45AM - JAM Session
9:45AM - Activity 1
11:00AM - LUNCH
12:00PM - Water Activities
1:45PM -  Activity 2
2:45PM -  Activity 3
3:50PM - Camp Wrap-up
4:30PM - Departure

Thursday Late Night

Every Thursday night is Late Night at Forest Glen! Campers will have the option to stay and eat dinner and have an fun evening of games and activities. It’s different every week, so watch for the announcements. We’ll have all the participating campers to their bus stops by 8:30 pm. Parents this gives you time for a date night and gives campers a special extended time at camp! ***There is a $25 charge for Thursday Late Night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in case of inclement weather? Does campers leave early, and how does the camp get in touch with us?

The majority of a camper’s day is spent outside, which means that the weather forecast is something we are always watching. We do have “rainy day” plans already prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. If there is dangerous weather warnings like tornado watches, we retreat to our large meeting room and wait until its clear. If transportation plans are altered in any way, we will send out an alert with both a texting and email service.

Do the buses have air conditioning?

The morning rides are great! Nice cool morning breezes rushing through the windows. The last activity of the day is always in our air conditioned meeting room where the campers cool down from their fun day. Then they get on the bus and immediately begin feeling the rush of a fresh pine breeze as they are moving down the road. (In short… no, the buses are not air-conditioned.)

What do you do for campers with special eating considerations?

We honor and provide for almost every diet restriction. Just let us know and we’ll have an alternative prepared. If it’s “Picky Eater Syndrome”, then we have peanut butter/jelly sandwiches available. If that still doesn’t work… call us and we can work something out!

Can campers bring a snack on the bus?

We provide a filling lunch and snacks each day. We would really prefer to not have any trash on the bus.

Can campers bring an iTouch or other digital device on the bus? 

Digital devices like iTouch, iPhone, Gameboy, etc. are not allowed. These are distractions that negatively effect the overall Day Camp experience.

Our Day Camp Staff

Every summer, we drive across the state to every major university & college, searching for the best college students to serve our day campers. We look for young men & women who are role models for our campers, leaders on their campuses and full of energy & excitement. Our staff is extensively trained in CPR & First Aid, and are committed to serving your campers with excellence and with joyful hearts.


Chris Gomez

Day Camp Director