We know people come to camp looking for a change of pace & a change of scenery. Not just that, but there are simply things that you can only do at camp. From paddling across a lake in a canoe, or soaring through the trees on a zipline, Forest Glen offers a wealth of unique activities that will help you make memories you'll never forget. Whether you're staying in one of our Huntsville camps or at our camp in Rosebud, Forest Glen offers a wide selection of activities at all of our locations. Our team will help provide an environment where you can not just experience campfires and adventures, but also where you'll encounter God.

NEW for Summer 2016

Beginning this summer, Forest Glen is excited to offer TOWER®  STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDS as a brand new activity! Glide across our beautiful lake in a new & different way on a SUP (short for Stand-Up Paddleboard)! Tower® Paddleboards have been featured on ABC's hit TV show, "Shark Tank," and this is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world! We can't wait for you to enjoy your time at Forest Glen on a SUP!

What do you get when you mix the challenge of archery with the excitement of paintball? ARCHERY TAG®! You've seen Archery Tag® on Dude Perfect, and Forest Glen will feature this amazing new activity THIS SUMMER! Archery Tag® is one of the hottest new sports worldwide, as it teaches archery skills through a fast-paced, super fun competition. Pick a scenario and have a blast with your friends through Archery Tag® at Forest Glen!

*Archery Tag & Paddleboards are currently exclusive to our Huntsville location